Global Intelligence and Online Marketing

Whenever you’re trying to break into a new market, you have to expand the amount of intelligence you have on that market a great deal. The types of advertisements you run in the United States, for instance, may not work in the UK, even though those nations share a common language. You have to be aware, just as importantly, of how your advertisements appear in the venues you choose to advertise in among those other markets. There is actually an easy way to do this.

VPNs and Marketing

If you want to get real information and real-time information on how your advertisements look on websites around the world, you want to get a VPN service. A VPN service allows you to connect to a multitude of different servers. Many VPN Services have servers located all over the globe.

You can choose the service to which you subscribe based on whether it has servers in the nations that you market in. For example, if you market in the United States, the UK and the European Union, you’ll want to choose a service that has servers available in all of those areas of the world. This has an important role in keeping up with your marketing efforts and determining whether they are actually as good as the money you’re paying for them.

Test Them

Here’s how a VPN service allows you to check your advertisements in other nations. When you hook up to a VPN server located in another nation, that server forwards any requests that you make for webpages on your behalf. As far as the webpage is concerned, your computer is actually located in whatever nation the VPN server you are using is located. For example, if you hook up to a VPN server in Amsterdam, any webpages are going to show up on your browser in the same way they would if you were actually connecting from Amsterdam.

This allows you to look at how your advertisements are being presented to people who speak other languages. If you have people on your staff who speak the target language, it also allows them to determine whether or not the content among which your advertisements are appearing is appropriate for your company. Such a person can easily identify whether or not there are competing companies advertising in nearly the same page space and determine whether the company you contracted with to run your advertisements is really giving you a fair shake for your money.

Global Reach

The advantage of using a VPN for this is that switching servers – which means switching nations, if you so choose – requires nothing more than choosing a different server, usually by using a drop-down list on whatever software the VPN provider offers you. If you want to see what your advertisement looks like if you are in Germany, for example, you could hook up to a server in Germany and then switch over to a server in Hong Kong to see what your advertisements would look like for you are in that nation.

This is a powerful business intelligence tool, particularly for those in the marketing field. If you’re looking for a way to experience the Internet the way people do in other nations, a VPN connection is the best way to go about getting that experience. For marketers, who are increasingly concerned with reaching out to a global audience, a good VPN provider is indispensable in determining whether or not the marketing efforts in which they are engaging are productive, worthwhile and being presented in the way that they wanted when they ordered the advertisement.

About Author (This is a Guest post by Veronica Clyde)

Veronica Clyde reviews the best VPN providers at She loves to share Online Security, VPN technology and Blogging tips. If interest you can check out a Hidemyass review.


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