Boost your google adsense approval

We know that every blogger have a dream. its making money with their blog, it’s their dream, but most of them trying to make money  with Google AdSense, because it’s the best ad network service for bloggers around the world.  But Google shuttering dreams of many newbies, because AdSense has strict rules and regulations for approval, through this Google reduce fake accounts, spam, etc… So here i am showing some things you should work on before applying for Google AdSense program.

How to approve Google AdSense fast?

  1. Domain of your website it’s important.

Every persons are like to visit a TLD (Top Level Domain), sub domain is not important than the TLD because, sub domain is using mainly spammers and it’s not safe to use. Sub domain like, .tk, .blogspot, .wordpress, etc. These are some sub domain. If you send an approval for Google AdSense, they will reject it if there is sub domain. But in some cases BlogSpot is accepted by Google for some genuine cases, its luck, and it’s really good blog. But other sub domain have very poor AdSense approval rate.

So I would like to suggest you to use a top level domain. Perfect TLD is .com extension, because while you trying to apply Google AdSense request .com have a good pressure. So you can buy a good domain from Bluehost or Hostgator.

2.  Best quality is fast approval

When you apply for a Google AdSense , check your sites quality. You don’t need to hire someone to do this. You can check it yourself.

Step to check quality of your website

  • Make a detailed review of your site contents and make sure that you have minimum 20 quality article on your site.
  • Check your social status through Facebook, reddit , twitter, google plus, stumble up on, etc…
  • Open Google analytics and check your traffic status. Minimum 100 visit per day.
  • Apply after 6 month when you created your blog
  • Check your search engine status
  • Add backlinks and grab traffic before applying by using any back linking software. My suggestion is (Majestic SEO)
  • Don’t apply your site if you are maintaining adult things on site.

3.  Site Design is everything.

Simple design is better than a graphical. Simple design has more chance to get approved for Google AdSense. In here some tips to navigate a design.

  • Easy navigation is more important
  • Avoid graphics
  • Search box
  • Add important pages like Privacy, Disclaimer, about us, Achieves, etc…
  • Add  some social buttons
  • Make link to Google plus profile
  • Describe your name & something about your website. So Google can easily verify your website.

4.  Read Term & Conditions carefully

When you going to apply Google AdSense You must read all the terms and conditions carefully at least one.  It includes most of your doubts and its answers. It helps you to boost your approval rate. Terms & conditions are not for fun. Take it serious.

If you follow these four steps carefully. Google will accept your request and they will approve it with in days.



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