How to get Google PageRank fast

PageRank is a ranking system that was a creation of the Search engine like Google. Ranking is based on the content and tags include in the pages.  How to know your PageRank, it is very easy search PageRank tool bar for your browser in Google, and Google show many toolbars for you. It shows PageRank and Alexa rank of your website. PageRank toolbar is green color, its start at 0 to 10. 0 is a blank bar and 10  is full green bar.

How to get rank very fast?

To rank your website in search engine is very important. The best way to rank your blog or website , update quality content  it help to rank very fast in search engine, when you got rank PR0 the website is start to make search engine traffic.

Do you know the most visited website on internet?

Google, Youtube, wordpress, Wikipedia, Facebook, yahoo, etc… these are the most searched website in an internet day. In the case of Google and yahoo, these are the famous search engines in the world. So millions of people is use to search their needs in internet using these two search engines.

Youtube is also a world famous video search engine in internet. In YouTube got daily 3 millions of video update and billions of views per day. It is owned by Google. WordPress is the famous blogger in the world they help to start a blog for free. We all are known about Wikipedia, it is the encyclopedia in internet, so millions of people are searching for Wikipedia. At last Facebook it is No.1 social network in the world owned by mark zuckberg. It has PageRank 9 and Alexa 1.

Build Backlink Strategy

Backlink is a good part of making PageRank to your blog. Lot of software and website are working as a backlink builder. Making of backlink is very easy but some problems affect when we add backlinks to our post. We should create a table and note where we already add backlinks. Easy way to make backlink is comment in any other blog working post like yours. But some case the comment will notice as spam, so do not adds your Url like this “please visit this site” if you add like this some bloggers remove your content so add a relevant comment.

Write guest post and make more traffic to your blog. Guest posting is new idea to make traffic to your blog. But in some case guest posting is not help you to make traffic. Guest post is also help to add backlinks. Some websites are working to add backlinks for cash. If you want to make 1000 of backlink with in less time you can ask for websites which work to add backlinks.

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