How to Host a website from your Home

hostThrough this article I am going to show how to host a website from your home. It’s easy and free. Follow my simple steps and host your website from your sweet home. Before that I am introduce some basic details about Web host (for only beginners). Web hosting is an important process of a website creation. More than 1000 of webhosting provider are available to host a website in internet. Web hosting is an easy process. When searching on Google for web host it shows more than 5000,000 results are available. All webhosting providers are running as a

company. Web hosting means, they are a company who rents out web space and bandwidth to those who wish to publish a website in internet world. We need to pay some dollars to get space in there server. Under this post I am showing some popular webhosting providers for you they help you to host your website for low cost. Web host gives an account name & password for their user or customer who bought a host. After creating a space in the server, then we can upload HTML file, with PHP script, graphics etc…

Steps to host a web site: 

Step 1: go to this site and buy a Server space.

Step 2: Create your website design with html

Create a folder ‘classic’ in C drive and open it (location “C:\classic”)

Open text editor and make your layout designs.

Step 3: Copy the modified html files in to ‘classic’ folder. This folder is going to host into server.

Step 4: Buy a domain name from Hosting service. I bought from

Read this article for Registration of a domain: How to register a domain name

It’s the major hosting server in world wide. They are re seller of dedicated web hosting. It’s a private limited based in Houston in Texas State (US). This company started in 2002 by Mr. Brent Oxley, Hostgator donated more than 5 million domains for internet and they are making more than 1% of the world internet traffic.

The Baby plan:

$9.95/month (without any offer)

119.40/year and 214.80/2year (without any offer)

This is another server to host your website. Bluehost was started in 1996. Bluehost is the oldest web hosting provider help to host a website and buy domain name from $6.95 onwards.

Step 5: Buy a Host space from Hosting service like Bluehost or Hostgator, Godaddy, Fatcow etc… These all are   providing same service for you. Host space means to access html files in internet, we need to upload it in a place this is called Host space. Many internet based software we can find for it. Filezilla it’s free FTP software for using to host a website. But some software’s are very costly it can’t buy all. ISP (Internet service providers) it helps to sell memory space into the web developers.

How can buy a Domain name & Host space

  • Visit a ISP website (Hostgator, Bluehost)
  • Create your account using Get started
  • Buy domain name and host space using ISP website
  • After purchasing it, ISP website will provide with us these things
  1. IP Address (Eg:
  2. User Name: (Eg: abcdefg123)
  3. Password: (************)
  • Save these all details in your PC

This Video Help to buy a Domain and Server space from Hostgator.

Step 6:  Upload your web design into server using FTP software (Eg: FileZilla) it’s a free FTP software.  FTP software helps to transfer files from your computer to Server that you purchased on internet.

Download FileZilla

Step 7: Upload your website into internet with FileZilla. Open FileZilla and type you IP address, Username and password into the text box above the Software which get from ISP website. Then click QuickConnect button it will go to the Server and display to columns, in left directory of your Pc and in right the directory of Server space which you purchased. At last upload the file into website directory by selecting the entire file from your PC and click Right Button and Upload. Through this process all the files are transfer in to the website directory. Now you can type domain in address bar and go to the website which you created.

This Video Help to Upload a website using FileZilla space


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