Ipad 5 going to release in March 2013

APPLE is trying to introduce their new product I pad 5 in this coming March. They just introduced their I pad 4 (I pad Mini) before months; this is their fastest release of a product. Exclusive news about the product is it is smaller than before version and also getting news that it has a lot of similarities with I pad mini. The Rumors saying that it is lighter than the current version. It has a size of 9.7 inch. APPLE introducing this I pad for the 5 th generation people’s. Also getting news that it is 2mm thinner, 4mm shorter and 17mm narrower. They used the best systems for this I pad 5th generation; it has high-resolution retina display in order to get the tablet back down to size. We didn’t get information’s about its other technical info’s, the current I pad 5 has 1.3GHz A6X dual core processor, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and 5-megapixel rear-facing camera. We can surely predict that the new version will be better than this. As you know now in the world APPLE is the best and No: 1 Company who selling best Tablets. We can surely hope that the new  I pad 5 will be a magic for us.

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