How to register for a Domain name.


Every Website and blogs  need their own Domain address, every bloggers need a URL and a Domain name. It’s an important process of blogging. Domain is an extension which is in the last of website name. A domain is like, or Everyone can register their own domain in your name or your company’s name. Registration of a domain is very simple process it takes only 4 or 5 steps. Registration of Domain needs payable. But some Sites are giving free domain like; if you are need a good one you must pay for it.

Important Of a Domain Address

  • It help to implies trust in your customers or your visitors
  • When we purchasing a domain first look for its availability
  • Without a domain name website is not easy to rank in Google
  • Advertisers like Google AdSense Service prefer a domain as a good domain

Tips and Trick to Buy A Domain Name

  • A website address must provide one word or two word
  • If you have got an interesting domain name buy it quickly otherwise it will get sold
  • A good domain can offer you a good future
  • Domain starting from $1 instantly
  • Register you Domain at a web hosting site

How to Register Domain Name

1.       Find a domain name

Finding of an available domain name is very very difficult, but it’s not impossible to find a good one. Think very hardly and search in Domain Checker.

2.       Check The Domain is available in Domain Checker

After deciding a name into your domain Check it in Domain Checker sites. It helps you to find available domain with that names

3.       Buy Domain With PayPal or Credit card

For buying a domain from any registrar website we need PayPal A/c or Credit Card. But some websites accepts Check as there payment but its risky to pay or pay through internet bank transfer or Demand Draft (D.D). Easy way is using PayPal or your Credit Card .

Go to A Domain Registrar Website and Register a Domain

There is thousands of website are working a domain registrars so you have lot of choice to buy Domain. Some popular Domain registering sites are GoDaddy, Blue host, Hostgator, Name, Enom, Network solutions etc……….

You can register a Domain Here Register here for a domain

Best 5 Sites to Buy a Domain Name

  • Gandi (1 Year Registration: €12/$16.85)
  • Name (1 Year Registration: $9.99)
  • Go Daddy (1 Year Registration: $11.99)
  • 1&1 (1 Year Registration: $4.99)
  • Namecheap (1 Year Registration: $9.98)

 Popular 10 Domains for You

  • .COM
  • .CO
  • .NET
  • .US
  • .ORG
  • .INFO
  • .CO.IN
  • .IN
  • .CO.UK
  • .ME


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