Global Intelligence and Online Marketing

Whenever you’re trying to break into a new market, you have to expand the amount of intelligence you have on that market a great deal. The types of advertisements you run in the United States, for instance, may not work in the UK, even though those nations share a common language. You have to be aware, just as importantly, of how your advertisements appear in the venues you choose to advertise in among those other markets. There is actually an easy way to do this. Continue reading

Boost your google adsense approval

We know that every blogger have a dream. its making money with their blog, it’s their dream, but most of them trying to make money  with Google AdSense, because it’s the best ad network service for bloggers around the world.  But Google shuttering dreams of many newbies, because AdSense has strict rules and regulations for approval, through this Google reduce fake accounts, spam, etc… So here i am showing some things you should work on before applying for Google AdSense program.

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Driving Traffic from Social Media to Your Own Domain


The Internet world has already seen several social media sites come and go. Even though Facebook is currently immensely popular, like everything else on the Internet. Its days are likely numbered. The point of this is that you don’t want to be too connected to one social media site for your advertising. Your blog provides a great alternative to social media. With a little bit of skill you can drive people off of your social media profile and onto your blog. Continue reading

How to get Google PageRank fast

PageRank is a ranking system that was a creation of the Search engine like Google. Ranking is based on the content and tags include in the pages.  How to know your PageRank, it is very easy search PageRank tool bar for your browser in Google, and Google show many toolbars for you. It shows PageRank and Alexa rank of your website. PageRank toolbar is green color, its start at 0 to 10. 0 is a blank bar and 10  is full green bar. Continue reading

How to Host a website from your Home

hostThrough this article I am going to show how to host a website from your home. It’s easy and free. Follow my simple steps and host your website from your sweet home. Before that I am introduce some basic details about Web host (for only beginners). Web hosting is an important process of a website creation. More than 1000 of webhosting provider are available to host a website in internet. Web hosting is an easy process. When searching on Google for web host it shows more than 5000,000 results are available. All webhosting providers are running as a

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Ipad 5 going to release in March 2013

APPLE is trying to introduce their new product I pad 5 in this coming March. They just introduced their I pad 4 (I pad Mini) before months; this is their fastest release of a product. Exclusive news about the product is it is smaller than before version and also getting news that it has a lot of similarities with I pad mini. The Rumors saying that it is lighter than the current version. It has a size of 9.7 inch. APPLE introducing this I pad for the 5 th generation people’s. Also getting news that it is 2mm thinner, Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 920 on Finger

Nokia Lumia 920 on hands

Waiting is over finally Nokia showed the smart smartphone from Nokia and Microsoft. Lumia 920 in India. Nokia Lumia 920 almost looks like Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. But it still looking very beautiful. Nokia has recycling there new design to their Lumia Serious. This design is very thin and it feels great. Nokia used polycarbonate plastic for this beautiful design. Lumia 920 is heavier than other smart phones out from Nokia. Continue reading